Measures against pollution of the seas

garbageHuge amounts of garbage cleared from Norwegian beaches every year. Photo: Monica Kleffelgård Hartviksen

One of the greatest environmental challenges we face is the pollution of the seas, and the problem is increasing. The Government now grant NOK 35 million to clean up the seas and the coast-line. The application deadline is March 16, 2017.

– Plastic garbage is a threat to Norway’s livelihood. It threatens life in all of the world’s oceans and all seafood resources.

It is therefore crucial to stop the pollution and clean up where ever it is possible. Cleaning up the shore-line is by now practically a national sport of Norway, and we want to support this important voluntary work, says Minster for the Environment, Vidar Helgesen.

One can apply measures to clean up the shoreline, along the riverbanks and on the seabed.

This will include funding of the coordination of clearing operations, transportation and delivery of garbage to approved landfills.

It also applies to the removal of ownerless leisure boats. In addition, application for preventive measures such as information and guidance materials, awareness campaigns, educational programs and workshops – are eligible for grants

Part of the funds is earmarked for a pilot project on environmentally friendly maintenance of boats. This in order to reduce the use of anti-fouling, and thereby reducing emissions of micro plastics and pollutants.

Those who can apply are NGO’s, associations, non-profit foundations, private companies and public enterprises.
Applications should be addressed to the Environment Agency, and the application deadline is March 16.


Source: Ministry of Environment / Norway Today