More financial support to students

Several are offered higher educationEducation.Photo:Pixabay

The Government is proposing giving students one week extra financial support, paid from June 2017.

– The government is continuing to improve student economy even in a tight budget year.

It is a historically important day for the student movement when we can finally start on the first leg against the 11-month study support, says Marianne Andenæs, head of the Norwegian student organization NSO.

as of Spring 2017 full-time students receive a total of 2.600 Kroner more in financial support, when the escalation of the financial support is completed in the academic year 2019-2020, the full-time students will receive an annual support of ten percent over current levels.

The cost of introducing 11-month study support in 2020 is estimated at 600 million.

In addition appropriating money for the construction of 2,200 student housing spots will happen next year.

– Our requirement is 3,000 student housing spots. We challenge cooperative parties to continue to give priority to students in their negotiations with the government, says Andenæs.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today