FORUT to build schools in Nepal

FORUTNepal nature.Photo: FORUT

The Norwegian aid organization FORUT will build nine schools in Nepal after the devastating earthquake of 2015.


Schools will be built in the Dolakha district. A new agreement with the Norwegian embassy in the country has been signed as a continuation that FORUT is now building twelve earthquake-proof schools. The new agreement with the embassy is worth NOK 13.5 million.

“We are strongly pleased with this opportunity and experience this as a recognition of the work we have already done to build schools in the same area,” says Secretary General Morten Lønstad in FORUT.

One of the areas hardest hit in the earthquake was the Dolakha district where the epicenter of one of the powerful after shocks occurred. In the six rural communities where FORUT is working, 49 schools were completely or partially destroyed.

“Setting up temporary schools went quite fast, but the reconstruction has been very slow,” said Lønstad.

Last year, the aid organization started the construction of twelve schools with the support of the embassy. All of these are about to be finalized now. In the next two years, another nine schools will be completed. The new schools will house about 900 students from preschool to high school ages.

FORUT is a Norwegian aid organization that works with social mobilization and combating poverty in Sri Lanka, India, Nepal, Sierra Leone, Malawi and Zambia.


NTB Scanpix / Norway Today