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Graduates from secondary school increasing

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Increase in graduates from secondary school in Norway

The proportion of students that graduates from secondary school education within five years has increased to 73 per cent over the past few years.


Almost 65,000 students started their secondary education for the first time in autumn 2011. Five years later, 73 percent of these students has completed and passed their final exams or obtained a vocational competence certificate.

This is an increase of more than 3 percentage points compared with those who began their studies just after the introduction of the Knowledge Promise in 2006. This emerges from figures obtained by Statistics Norway (SSB).

Females perform somewhat better than males. 78 percent of the 31,385 female students pass the secondary education within five years. Among the male students 68 percent completes in the same time frame.

Finnmark gaining on the pack

Finnmark is still the county with the lowest percentage of students who complete high school or vocational studies, but the gap to the other counties is decreasing.

Of those who started high school in 2006, less than 50 percent of students in Finnmark completed their high school education or obtained vocational qualification within five years; Around 20 percentage points lower than in the country overall.

For the 2011 litter in Finnmark, this share has risen to more than 64 per cent graduates from secondary school.


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