Large drop in Norwegian students in the UK

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A dramatic decline in Norwegian students in the UK

According to the official higher education statistics, the number of Norwegian students attending UK universities decreased by approximately 20.5% in the past three years, reports

For the 2017/18 academic year, 183 higher education (HE) providers in the UK reported of 4,350 students coming from Norway. Compared to previous statistical report a rapid yearly decrease in this figure is notable.

Three years ago exactly 5,475 Norwegian students were seeking to get a university degree in Britain. Following that year the number decreased regularly, especially after the Brexit vote in the UK. The table below shows the number of Norwegian students in the United Kingdom over the years by country of HE provider

Academic Year England Scotland Wales Northern Ireland Total
2017/18 3,480 685 180 5 4,350
2016/17 3,775 700 200 5 4,680
2015/16 4,215 750 250 5 5,220
2014/15 4,400 795 275 5 5,475

By country of higher education provider, England remains the most favourite study destination for Norwegian students in Britain. Based on HESA’s statistical report, out of the total number of 4,350 Norwegian students attending university in the UK as of 2017/18, exactly 3,480 of them, or 80%, were enrolled at an English university.

Scottish universities counted for 685 students, Wales for 180 students and Northern Ireland for only 5 students.

Further on, the statistical report reveals that the majority of these students were pursuing an undergraduate degree, a common feature of the majority of international students in the UK. Out of the total number of Norwegian students, 3,195 of them were studying at an undergraduate degree course, while the remainder were attending postgraduate degree courses.

Second most popular in the world

The UK continues to be the second most popular study destination in the world counting over than 450,000 international students, at least until we have more fresh data about international enrollment in rival countries like Australia and Canada, whose standpoint in the international education market is strengthened in recent years. In fact, many argue that Canada and Australia have surpassed the UK in the list of the most popular study destination for international students in the global education market.

Meanwhile, recent news from Norway shows that the national Government has suggested their students consider other study destinations apart from the United Kingdom because of uncertainties originating from Brexit.

This news will intensify the British universities’ concerns about the diminishing of international enrollment due to political movements.

Nybø warns Norwegian students against studying in the UK

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