One of four graduated teachers not in school

Hedda Eia Vestad Student union, school, teacherHedda Eia Vestad from Vestfold has become a new leader of the Pedagogical Students in the Educational Federation. Photo:

One out of four graduated teachers do not work in school

25 percent of all teacher graduates do not start working at school. It is among PPU and specialist teachers education that the percentage is the lowest.


Here are 68.6 per cent and 51.7 per cent of newly educated teachers who work in school the year after they graduate, Aftenposten writes. Among graduates with general or elementary school education, 86 to 90 per cent work in school one year after completion of education. Head of Pedagogical Students in the Educational Union, Hedda Eia Vestad, says it is untenable.

– We expect employers to take responsibility for recruiting by appearing as attractive, offering guidance and competitive pay for newly educated teachers.

State Secretary Bjørn Haugstad (H) in the Ministry of Education also believes that the employer should strive harder to meet new graduates.

– When it comes to performing active recruitment policies, large parts of public sector have a lot to learn from the private sector, he says.

Mai Lill Suhr Lunde at the Department of Teacher Education and School Research (ILS) believes one of the reasons is that more comprehensive academic backgrounds give PPU students better prerequisites for finding jobs outside school.

The figures are presented in the report “Spark Indicator Report 2016”. Spark (Gnist) is a collaboration between the Ministry of Education, the social partners and other actors in the school sector, whose purpose is, among other things, to increase the quality of education.


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