Large lack of student housing in Norway

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Large lack of student housing in Norway despite effort

More than 14,000 student housing are still lacking before reaching the goal for how many residences should be owned by the Norwegian Student Unions.

The Student Housing Survey of the Norwegian Student Organization (NSO) shows that there is a large need for more. The national target for the coverage ratio is 20 per cent. The survey shows that it is currently at 14.5 per cent.

14,351 residences are thus needed to reach the national target.

“The construction of student housing has been so high over the past six years that 21 per cent of new students have access to such housing. the national coverage has not changed significantly – despite this commitment,” the report states.

Prioritising gives results

The increase is mainly due to new students ‘eating up’ the effort on student housing, according to the report.

“We see that the government’s priorities for student housing are producing results. This, even though the total coverage is almost at a standstill,” Leader of NSO, Marte Øien, comments.

The number of students has increased by almost 24,000 in the period 2014 to 2019, while over 5,000 accommodation units have been built.

“Student housing is a boon for the entire population. The more who have access to student housing, the less pressure is placed on the private rental market,” NSO continues in the report.



Wishes to build more student housing

Research and Higher Education Minister, Iselin Nybø (Liberals), believes that it is good that more students are provided student housing in recent years. She points out that this is due to the commitment of the current government.

“A record number of commitments have been announced, to over 2,200 new student housing, every single year. We want to build more student housing. It is, however, the Student Unions that apply for, and build them,” she tells NTB.

“It is an extensive task, but hard work is applied to get even more students into student housing,” the Cabinet Minister concludes.

“The Norwegian government’s efforts are not enough to reach the goal – the host municipalities must also contribute plots to the student unions, which in turn, must build more student housing,” the NSO report summarises.

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