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More difficult for exchange students to find host families

College studentsCollege students


It has become more difficult to get hold of host families who want to accept foreign exchange students in Norway believes one of the responsible organisations.

This year, AFS (American Field Service) will welcome 121 students to Norway. So far, only 32 know that they have a family to come to wrote Vårt Land newspaper.

“In recent years, it has become more difficult for people to set up as a host family” said Marta Binelli, program assistant for AFS.

Ten years ago, the organization accepted 150-160 students. According to Secretary General, Marit Grønskei, they could have welcomed 200 students if more families had opened their homes. Binelli thinks there are several reasons why people do not.

‘’The world has become smaller and more accessible to people. We travel a lot and are active outside the home, therefore it is not as exotic to be a host family as it was before. Many would rather choose to do volunteer work a few hours a week at an asylum reception center for example.’’

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