The University of Oslo will not forbid face-covering garments

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The University of Oslo will not forbid face-covering garments


The University of Oslo are against a ban on face-covering garments at the institution, they write in a consultative response to the Ministry of Education.

The University of Oslo (UiO) is the first to respond to the Government’s proposal that imposes a ban on the use of clothing that covers all or part of the face in kindergartens and educational institutions.

In the consultation response, UiO writes that access to education is a key instrument in the fight against prejudice and for human rights.

They also point out that there should be equal rights to influence and participate in society regardless of relationships such as ethnic and social backgrounds, religion and sexual orientation, Uniforum writes.

UiO will not introduce restrictions that signal that some students are more wanted than others.

– Although this case concerns very few students, it has gained a fundamental character that may conflict with the tolerance that may affect higher education; it is stated in the consultation response.

There are however certain situations where the students’ clothing must be regulated. This applies to subjects where there are health, environmental and safety requirements that may be incompatible with any type of clothing. In addition, students must be able to identify students at the exam.


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