The battle for student housing continues

student housingOslo.Student housing.Photo: Norway Today Media

Only 0.07 per cent morestudents than last year will get the opportunity to reside in student housing this year . The Norwegian student organization is worried that this will make the situation even more difficult for students who have to rent non-student housing.

In the last five years the number of  students have  increased by 45,000, while only 7,743 new student dwellings and residences have been built, accordin to the student survey of the Norwegian student organization (NSO) .
– The student housing construction is not able to keep pace with the increase in student population. In spite of the government’s major investment in student housing, we  only see a marginal increase in the percentage of students living in student housing, leader  in Norwegian student organization, Marianne Andenæs, says.

Nationally  15 percent of the students are living in one of the types of student housing. But there are wide variations between the campuses and the areas, from almost 40 per cent coverage in  inland Finmark, to around 8 percent in Hedmark.

– The fewer who have access to student housing, the more difficult the situation will become for the student who have to rent non-student housing. We are afraid even more students will have to choose to work part-time and thus get less time to study, in order to make ends meet,  Andenæs continues.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today