Young people convicted of filming teacher’s password


Eidsivating Court of Appeal has judged eight schoolchildren for data breaches and document fraud after they improved their grades by filming the teacher’s password.

The eight students attended a secondary school last year at Romerike and wanted to improve their grades to enter Lillestrøm upper secondary school wrote Rett24 news.

The youths placed a hidden camera on a speaker in the classroom so that it filmed the teacher while she was sitting in front of the PC and typing in her password. Then they shared the film between them to indicate what had been written.

The students then logged in to the school’s portal and changed their grades to what they thought was appropriate, and good enough to get into high school.

However, the plan failed when the adjustments were discovered by the school. When the police came to the door, all of the young people confessed. In Nedre Romerike District Court, the case was settled as a confession case, and the court came to the conclusion that the defendants – because of their young age – were to be sentenced to 24 days imprisonment and sentencing delay with trial period of two years.

This provision means that no punishment will be imposed if the youth do not commit new offences during the probationary period. However, a fine of NOK 5,000 must be paid by all eight.

The verdict was appealed at the Court of Appeal, which supported the District Court’s view that unconditional imprisonment is excluded because of age – five were 16 years and three 15 years when the offence was committed. The judgment of the District Court will thus be upheld. Two of the young people also had their mobile phones confiscated.

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