The Department of Labor asks that companies check their housekeeping

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Only half of the companies that purchase house cleaning services investigate whether the agency operates legally, according to a survey.


“Those who purchase cleaning services have an important role in contributing to the seriousness of the cleaning industry,” says Trude Vollheim, Director of Labor Inspection.

Opinion conducted a survey to gauge the knowledge and procedure of company purchasers when purchasing house cleaning services and if they follow the guidelines of purchasing those types of services. The survey was carried out on behalf of Trepart’s industrial cleaning program, which is a collaboration between the parties of the workplace and the authorities.

– “All companies offering cleaning services must be approved by the Department of Labor. It is forbidden for businesses to purchase cleaning services from a cleaning company that are not approved,” says Vollheim.

The investigation reveals that a large number of buyers of small to medium-sized businesses do not know of the rules they should follow when purchasing cleaning services.

In addition to checking that the cleaning company is registered with the Norwegian Department of Labor, they should also check their website to find out of if the cleaning activities and services they use are approved, they should also make sure that the persons who are performing the work are receiving legal pay and good working conditions.

As the cleaning industry is universal, everyone in the industry has the right to the minimum wage, which is a requirement.


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