Only 1 in 4 vaccinate against influenza

vaccinateVaccinate.Photo: Heiko Junge / NTB scanpix

Every year approximately 900 Norwegians die after being affected by influenza viruses.But only one in every four Norwegians in the risk groups are vaccinated.


Before the flu season 2016/2017, only 28% of Norwegians took part in the risk group vaccinations against the flu show figures from the National Register of Vacancies.That is far from the target of 75% wrote Dagbladet newspaper.

At the same time,the National Institute of Public Health showed that nearly 1.5 million Norwegians have an increased risk of flu complications. Of these,900,000 are in the risk groups, which include pregnant women, those over the age of 65, and healthcare professionals.

The figures published by Dagbladet also show that up to 2.7 million Norwegians need a top-up of the MMR vaccine to be fully protected against, for example, measles.

How to get a grown adult to vaccinate will be the topic of a debate in Arendalsuka on Thursday.

Today, there is no systematic vaccination program beyond the childhood vaccination program.But now the National Institute of Public Health, on behalf of the Ministry of Health and Care, is investigating how an adult vaccination program can be implemented.

The report will be delivered the 1st of December this year.


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