1.5 million Norwegians spent a night outdoors during the summer, survey shows

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According to an August study from Ipsos, many Norwegians slept in tents, hammocks, or under the night sky this summer.

In the survey, 34% of the respondents answered that they spent the night outside during the summer. 

That corresponds to almost 1.5 million people, according to the organization Norsk Friluftsliv.

“Nature and outdoor life are popular like never before. 

“This is not the first survey that indicates that we Norwegians are crazy about the outdoors,” Lasse Heimdal of Norsk Friluftsliv noted in a press release in August.

The survey from Ipsos was based on 1,008 interviews with people aged 15 and up. 

Children who have spent the night outside were not included.

Summer visits at DNT cabins in Oslo down 40% 

However, several DNT cabins in Oslo and the surrounding area will probably report a loss this year after having 40,000 fewer guests this summer compared to a normal season.

“This summer, around 60,000 people visited the 21 cabins of DNT Oslo and the surrounding area – compared to 100,000 in a normal summer season. 

“Several tourist cabins report that they are expecting a loss this year,” Henning Hoff Wikborg told newspaper Nationen at the time.

Although there has been a lot of demand, the coronavirus situation has led to restrictions on how many guests the tourist cabins can have at a given time.

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