1.6 million people should be vaccinated against the flu, according to the health authorities

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The flu vaccine that will be on the market in October is extra important to take this year, according to the health authorities. Everyone in the risk groups is recommended to be vaccinated.


– “Vaccination is important to avoid serious flu illness and to reduce the risk of double infection with influenza and covid-19,” says senior researcher Olav Hungnes at the Norwegian Institute of Public Health’s influenza department (NIPH) to Aftenposten.

Approximately 1.6 million children and adults in Norway belong to groups with an increased risk of complications from influenza. According to FHI, an average of 900 people die in Norway each year as a result of this infection and the flu vaccine can protect many of them.

– “Everyone in the risk groups as well as health personnel are recommended to be vaccinated against seasonal flu, and we hope that as many of them as possible use the opportunity this autumn,” says assistant health director Espen Rostrup Nakstad to the newspaper.

This is the same recommendation that was given earlier this year. FHI has this year ordered 1.2 million doses – which is 20 percent more than last year.

– “Unfortunately, we do not get more because there is a great demand globally,” senior adviser Kjersti Rydland in FHI informs Aftenposten.

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