2019 was a record year for organ donation

organ donation Organ donation.Photo. Pixabay

Several patients received life-saving transplants last year. This is especially true for hearts and kidneys.

At the end of December last year, 479 organs had been transplanted to 439 patients. The organs came from 113 donors.

43 people got a new heart, which is the highest figure for a single year in the last decade. The year before the number was at 29. Several people also received a new kidney, 258 people last year, compared to 240 the year before, new figures show from Oslo University Hospital (OUS).

At the same time, the proportion who say no to organ donation has fallen. It has stabilized at 16 percent in 2019.

The Organ Donation Foundation welcomes a historically high yes-share to organ donation in Norway in 2019. At 84 percent of all requests at the country’s donor hospital, consent was given to organ donation.

– “These are very gratifying figures, especially for those who have been given a new life, and those close to them. This shows that Norwegians’ attitude towards organ donation is becoming increasingly positive, and that this positive attitude gives concrete results on the number of lives saved,” says CEO Hege Lundin Kuhle of the Organ Donation Foundation.

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