25 abortions of healthy twin fetuses since 2016

Pregnant womanPregnant woman.Photo: Lise Åserud / NTB scanpix

Since the Ministry of Health in 2016 established that it would allow abortions of healthy twin fetuses, 25 such abortions have been carried out in Norway.


A total of 38 abortions of twins have been performed since 2016, of which 13 were justified by fetal disease. It is the P4 news agency that has collected the figures from the National Center for Invasive Fetal Medicine at St. Olavs Hospital that has performed the interventions.

In 2001, the Ministry of Health opened up for twin abortion when the fetus has serious illness called selective fetus reduction. In February 2016, they concluded that this also applies to healthy fetuses until the twelfth week of pregnancy.

– “There are few women applying for this. We have had very few pregnant women seeking a reduction in their twin pregnancy. We did not have this before 2016,” said the head of the National Center for Invasive Fetal Medicine, Torbjørn Eggebø.

The Deputy Leader of the Christian People’s Party, Kjell Ingolf Ropstad has asked the Right and Labor Party in connection with the party’s decision to clarify their position on these types of abortions since KrF wishes to ban this. On the grounds, Ropstad said, among other things, that the law as it is today is too liberal and that “Nordic women travel to Norway to get abortions on twins.”

St. Olavs Hospital reports to P4 that there have been no foreign patients who have had a twin abortions in Norway.


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