25 cups of coffee a day is fine for the heart

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It is the same for the heart if you drink 1 or 25 cups of coffee a day, according to a new study conducted in the UK.

The study is featured by The Guardian and is based on responses from over 8,000 respondents across the UK. It is performed by researchers at Queen Mary University of London (QMUL).

Previous studies have suggested that coffee drinking can lead to atherosclerosis. It puts pressure on the heart, thus increasing the risk of heart attack and stroke.

In the work on the study, researchers divided the respondents into three groups, based on how many cups of coffee they drink on average per day.

The researchers could then state that there is no greater likelihood of atherosclerosis for those who drink up to 25 cups a day, than for those who drink less than one.

Participants in the study underwent MRI examinations of the heart and blood wave testing, and the results were unambiguous even after factors such as age, weight and smoking habits were accounted for.

“Although we cannot prove a causal relationship in the study, our research indicates that coffee is not as bad for the arteries as previous studies have suggested,” one of the men behind the study says.

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  1. If you drink coffeey With a lot of sugar added so might get problems.

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