Nearly 3,400 severely injured in the traffic

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Nearly 3,400 severely injured in the Norwegian traffic

Fewer died in traffic, but over the last five years more than 3,300 persons have been severely injured. – Serious traffic accidents may have destroyed the lives of thousands, says, Director of Trygg Trafikk (Safe Traffic), Jan Johansen.


9 people died in the May traffic. So far this year, 33 people have died in traffic accidents, while 35 persons perished at the same time last year. On average, 12 persons have been killed in May over the last five years. Last year, 12 persons died in May.

3 393 severely injured in the past five years

Although there are fewer traffic deaths than before, the number of people injured has been stable over the past five years at between 650 and 700 every year.

– Up to 700 persons are affected every year and during the past five years this number is comparable to the entire population of a small Norwegian municipality. Being severely injured in traffic can ruin a life. Many people does never recover completely. It affects not only the quality of life of the injured, but also the closest family and friends. It turns your life around on and has consequences for everything ranging from health to economy. We need to implement measures that ensure both fewer deaths, but also causes fewer people to get injured in traffic accidents, says Johansen.

Fewer loss of lives

There are fewer that perish on Norwegian roads today than it has been during the past five years. In 2013, 187 died compared to 106 last year. During the same period, the number of severly injured persons remained stable at the same high level.

– Our body can not withstand more, but better damage treatment, changes in driving behaviour, safer roads and improved vehicle technology help save more lives than before. Although there are more who survive a traffic accident now, we have a long way to go when it comes to anyone who gets seriously injured in traffic, Johansen concludes.

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