55,100 children were born in Norway last year – 1,500 fewer than the year before

BornBorn.Photo: pixabay.com

There were 55,100 children born in Norway in 2018. This resulted in a total fertility rate of 1.56 children per woman – the lowest measured in Norway ever.

The decline from 2017 was 1,500 children. In 2017, 56,600 children were born in this country, which was a decrease of 2,300 from the year before.

“The decline is a trend that has now been going on for almost ten years,” says adviser in section for population statistics in Statistics Norway, Espen Andersen. He says that fertility has fallen every year since 2009, when the total fertility rate (SFT) was 1.98.

“The fertility has thus fallen by 0.42 children, that is, almost half a child per woman, the last decade,” says Andersen.

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