655 applied to change their legal gender

legal gender ftpnFtpn in the Pride Parade. Photo: Ftpn

655 applied to change their legal gender

655 people applied to change the legal gender in the Population Register after the regulations were changed one year ago. Most applications have already been approved.


Some cases are still being processed, while a few have been terminated because the applicant did not submit the necessary documents, writes Vårt Land.

Until a year ago, one could only seek to change sex if a diagnosis had been made, started medical treatment and been sterilized. Today, a personal sense of gender identity founds the basis.

Better person

Critics argued the law which came into force on 1 July last year could affect children and young people to change gender without really meaning it. Such a “contagion effect” John Jeanette Solstad Remø does not believe in. She is the deputy head of the Federation of Trans Persons in Norway (Forbundet for transpersoner i Norge) and is one of those who have changed their legal gender in the last year.

67-year-old Remø says that she, as a four-year-old, had her first experience of being a woman. About the change she says:

– It has been a great happiness. I have become quieter, more generous, and simply a better person. I was quite frustrated before the change and did not function optimally.

Foreningen for transpersoner, The Union of transgender people (Store medisinske leksikon)

Foreningen for transpersoner i Norge (FTP Norge) is an interest organization for transgender people. The association was established in 1966 as a social network, where transvestites and trans’er (as they often were called) could meet, originally in the greatest secret, and in their desired gender expressions.
Today, the association has a two-fold goal; It will work politically to improve the way society cares for transgender as a group and provide support for personal development for individuals.

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