7 out of 10 Negative to Customized Advertising

Marketing strategies. Photo: Pixabay.com

7 out of 10 Dislike Customized Advertising Signs

A survey from the Technological Council shows that 68 per cent of respondents show disapproval that advertising signs can analyze gender, mood, and face to provide people with customized advertising.


The survey was conducted in January in connection with the  Data Protection Authority and the Technological Council giving recognition to international human rights protection. In the survey, people were asked what they think are the four different uses of technology that collects and analyzes emotional data.

The results are presented in this year’s privacy report, showing that people are more negative than positive to emotional monitoring, even when the purpose is to help. About 40 percent are negative to measures where emotional monitoring is intended to improve student learning, guide employees or prevent suicide. Only 23-24 percent are positive to such analysis.

The biggest skepticism is towards advertising signs that analyze who one is: 68 percent do not see anything about this use, while only 10 percent are positive.

The theme of the Privacy Report 2018 is artificial intelligence and the extent to which people can trust that the collecting bodies would use the data collected for the person’s best interest. Among the questions asked is how the collected data would be used, and if people are comfortable that their feelings and emotions are monitored and analyzed.


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