70 is the new 50

trek, hikeTrendy to travel on a trekking trip. Photo: pixabay.com

Today’s 70-year-olds are more active and healthy than ever before, according to a research that has studied 70-year-olds since the 1970’s.

Today’s 70-year-olds have improved themselves in an incredible number of areas the past 50 years, as stated by a report from the Swedish Delegation for senior labor, writes the Center for Senior Policy.

Among other things, the cognitive and physical functions, lung functions, hearing, and well-being significantly improved. Cases of diseases such as depression, dementia, and cardiovascular disease have significantly decreased.

They are also more noticeably active than earlier generations, for example within travel and driving. Also, personalities have changed. Today’s 70-year-olds are less neurotic and more competitive. 

Based on the results, the report concludes that, if the retirement age were to be based solely on health and functional level, there is a large labor potential among the elderly.

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