Climate changes will reduce food production

WheatWheat.Photo: Frank May / NTB scanpix

Climate change will have a major negative impact on wheat, rice and maize/corn crops, according to a major scientific report that summarizes 70 studies.


The past studies have used a number of methods; from experiments in fields, simulations of how different crops respond to temperature changes, to statistical models based on weather and crop data.

“All of these methods indicate that increasing temperatures are likely to have a negative effect on the global yield of wheat, rice and corn,” the report says, published in the peer reviewed Journal of the National Academy of Sciences.

According to the report, wheat crops will fall by 6 percent for each degree the temperature rises, measured in celsius. The rice crops will decline by 3.2 percent and corn by 7.4 percent for each degree.

Along with soya, which was not significantly changed, these three foods make up two thirds of the food the world’s population gets. Increased temperature can also lead to higher yields in some places, according to the report, but most places will see a reduce in food production.


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