More young persons call the alarm phone

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More young persons call the alarm phone this summer

The alarm phone for children and adolescents experiences a 22 per cent increase in the number of calls to 116111 this summer. Most of them are related to fear, self-inflicted harm and suicide thoughts.


– We experience a marked increase in the number of calls from last summer. Most of the calls that we receive regards mental health problems such as anxiety, suicidal thoughts and self-inflicted injuries, leader of the Alarm phone, Margrethe Østerhus tells NRK.

Between June 23rd and July 31st, they received 443 calls. Last year, the number of calls during the same period was 362. That is an increase of 22 per cent.

Østerhus is not surprised that mental health issues top the statistics. She says it matches other statistics from child welfare and the school health services. Other topics that are frequently raised regards family violence, conflicts between children and parents, substance abuse by parents, behavioural problems and neglect of care.

Increased pressure during holidays

Responsible for Upbringing and Inclusion in UNICEF Norway, Kristin Oudmayer, says many who are already struggling experience increased pressure during the summer and other holidays when the daily routines are not followed. She believes that it should be placed more focus on teaching the young how to handle the challenges that they face.

– We do not possess enough knowledge of how we can prevent mental health issues. We need to clarify what tools family, daycare, the school and the young people themselves can utilise, Oudmayer concludes.

Information about 116111

Some children and youths are victims of forced marriage or genital mutilation. If you are afraid that this might happen to you, please call the Alarm phone.

Adults who suspect that children are exposed to this should also call the Alarm phone.

On weekdays, the Alarm phone is available from 3 pm until 08 am.
During weekends and public holidays, the phone lines are open 24/7.

 Contact info

Phone: 116 111 (+47 95 41 17 55)

SMS: +47 41 71 61 11




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