Dogs also have to be protected from the Easter sun

Also the dog must be protected from Easter sunSTUGGUDAL.A dog in the mountains. Photo: Gorm Kallestad / SCANPIX (FRB)

It’s not just two-legged travellers who should take precautions before travelling in the mountains in the Easter holidays. It’s easy to forget that four-legged Easter tourists also need supervision.

Most people remember enough to smear themselves with sunscreen in the Easter sun, but not everyone realizes that the dog also can get sunburned,  Torunn Knævelsrud, section chief for animal welfare in the FSA, warns.
The FSA have previously developed their own mountaineering rules for dog and remind people them now that  the Easter holidays are about to start .

Proper equipment
– Remember that it is not only you who need the right equipment in the mountains at Easter, the dog does too. Follow our mountaineering rules, then the dog will get a better experience too,  Knævelsrud encourages.
Dogs can get sunburned, particularly the dogs with thin fur. They can also become snowblind, just like humans. Paws can be hurt, and claws can crack and break. If you do not use proper equipment when your dog is to wear cleavage and harness, chafing and other damage may very well occur.
Drop Quick-Lunch
The dog also has to be trained. Is your dog not used to go for long walks , things will not get  better in the mountains at Easter. Young dogs and puppies need extra attention, especially if it’s cold, and also adult dogs may get frostbite.
It’s also important to warn that dogs do not tolerate chocolate, so avoid Kvikk Lunch as treat.
The Mountain code for dogs can be found on the Food Safety Authority’s website (only Norwegian).


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today