The Animal Protection took care of 6,000 cats

Animal Protection cat kittenKittens playing on a bed. Photo:. Mariamichelle / Pixabay.

Norwegian Animal Protection sheltered 6,000 cats in 2017

“Neuter your cats now!” sounds the call from the Norwegian Animal Protection (Dyrebeskyttelsen Norge) before the mating season is fully started. The organisation sheltered 6,600 abandoned cats in 2017 alone.

The Norwegian Animal Protection is of the opinion that stray cats are a growing problem. the organisation averaged 18 cats sheltered a day all across Norway in 2017.

The Leader of the organisation, Åshild Roaldset, says that it will affect these statistics greatly if more people neuter their cats.

“Research shows that non-neutered cats roam more often, fight more and increase the number of stray cats that need help from the Norwegian Animal Protection,” she explains.

ID tagging

In addition to neutering, the organisation points out that mandatory animal identification is an important measure to reduce homelessness and unbridled reproduction.

“ID tagging connects animals to owners. Thus, an owner can be contacted when kittens are born outside, or if a cat goes astray. Cat owners must be aware that you have a legal responsibility for the kittens in a litter if you own a queen, ” Roaldset concludes.

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