As autumn holidays in Norway start, expert warns: “Switch to winter tires, there will be snow”

Icy roadPhoto: Simon English / Unsplash

The autumn holidays in Norway start this weekend, and Friday is one of the worst days for minor accidents in traffic at this time of year.

The holidays will last for two weeks.

The insurance companies have taken notice.

“In the two autumn holiday weeks of last year, there were close to 20,000 cases of car damages amounting to half a billion kroner.

We fear even more damage this year with more cars on the roads, as no one travels abroad anymore,” communications consultant Torbjørn Brandeggen in Tryg Forsikring warned.

Windy and wet

Furthermore, meteorologists forecast a windy and wet start to the autumn holidays in Southern Norway as of Saturday.

Throughout the first autumn holiday week, the weather in the south will be volatile.

There may be snow in several places in Southern Norway this weekend, and the Norwegian Meteorological Institute has issued a “yellow” warning for snow in southern mountain areas.

Changing to winter tires is recommended for those driving in Southern Norway and the inner and northern areas of Eastern Norway.

“Surprised by snow on the roads”

“Many drivers are always surprised by snow on the road,” Brandeggen added, noting that far too many people wait too long to change to winter tires.

Figures from Finans Norge show that last year 11,294 traffic injuries were reported in the first week of the autumn holidays, and 8,167 injury reports were registered in the second week.

The compensation payments for these damages are estimated at as much as NOK 454 million.

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  1. Norman Borreson | 2. October 2020 at 21:55 | Reply

    Is it conceivable that an increase in our world axis of 23 1/2 degrees has brought on world climatic change?
    Some experts say we are in a 40,000 year cycle when our world axis changed weather conditions?

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