Huge Temperature Differences on Ascension Day

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Huge Temperature Differences on Ascension Day in Norway

Warm in the south and cold in the north. Historically, it is 44.4 degree difference between the hottest and coldest place in Norway on Ascension Day.


It is going to be a Ascension Day with great temperature differences in our vast country. While in southern and eastern Norway it appears that the mercury will creep well over the 20’s, it is wintry with snow, difficult driving conditions and temperatures down to 3 degrees farthest north, according to Yr.

A temperature difference of about 20 degrees is thus far less than the extremes in meteorologists’ temperature history. Highest temperature measured on this day, was made at the metering station at the University of Oslo in Oslo in 1946. At the time was at 27.4 degrees in the capital.

Freezing cold

Most freezing temperatures were recorded in Šihččajávri in Kautokeino in Finnmark way back in 1923 – comfortless 17 degrees below zero.

At the same time, statistics show that Saltdal in Nordland had all of 27.1 degrees Ascension Day in 1984. This year there will be dismal, with 7.5 degrees and a fair amount of rain. 27 degrees were measured in Drammen in 1993 and in the Nord-Trøndelag municipalities Meråker and Namdalseid in 1992 and 1922 respectively.

Regarding the record measurements in Oslo 71 years ago, Yr states that it is likely that Rena may have had an even higher temperature than 27.4 degrees during the day. They point out that at that time there was no maximum thermometer at the measurement station in the town of Åmot. Åmot is a Municipality in Østerdalen.


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