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Benefits of Acquiring a Car Ramp for the Dog

English bulldog Dog Pet RampEnglish bulldog enjoying the ride. Photo: Gouw

Benefits of Acquiring a Car Ramp for the Dog

Pet ramps offer a lot of conveniences allowing your dog (or similar pet) to access some areas in your home – or vehicle – that are otherwise inaccessible. Also known as «Pet Ramps on the Go», they not only provide access to raised areas, but they also provide protection from wear and tear of the joints.

Like humans, pets experience age-related illness such as arthritis. Anything you can do to help them delay these illnesses and the effects thereof – is a beneficial proposition in terms of keeping them pain-free and avoiding treatment related bills.

Having said that, since dogs are agile when young, and usually free of health-related issues, most pet parents overlook the importance of dog ramps as an option to make things easy and keep them from sustaining injuries. If you are a pet parent and your dog has a hard time getting into your vehicle, an aiding device is a no-brainer.

Jumping may Harm Your Pet

Prominent veterinaries have studied effects associated with dogs jumping from a considerable height, including that of a standard car. With the help of a force plate, they documented how even a slight rise in height of a car’s boot could result in considerably more impact on a dog’s joints and legs.

Actually, the highest jump recorded was around an automobile’s height, which is 4 times the impact dogs experience when walking.

What this Means for Your Pet

It’s widely known that such an impact can aggravate or buoy up breed-specific hereditary joint issues; however, any dog can suffer injuries or musculoskeletal issues that arise with regular mechanics of joints. This may include hip or joint dysplasia or osteoarthritis.

So, unlike agility-related activities, some pets spend quite a lot of time in the vehicle with little to no movement before they get out. Usually, no warm-up is involved and jumping from a car can affect a dog’s joint negatively.

Although some pet parents help pets get out of the back of a car by lifting, this is just as risky for owner and pet, because it can lead to back pains.

Thus, it is time to tell you about the six biggest benefits of ramps for dogs.

1. Safe and Injury Free

Pet experts believe using a dog ramp to provide pets with access to your car is the best way to keep them safe and free of injury. Ramps minimize strain around the joints, which makes them ideal for stopping breed-related challenges and assisting senior dogs at risk of injury. Thus, here are the benefits of ramps for dogs.

2. Less Stress for your Pet

Smaller pets have a hard time getting into or out of vehicles with significant ground clearance. Bigger dogs, on the other hand, tend to be reluctant. A dog ramp makes things easier for pets, including puppies, because they tend to be scared of height. Bigger dogs may also lose confidence, which prevents them from making long leaps.

3. Easier for Pet Parents

With a dog ramp, you won’t have to lift your pet every time you are going out or coming back home. Instead, a pet ramp would make things easier for everyone because you won’t have to do any lifting and your pet will enjoy getting in and out of your vehicle on its own.

4. No Stress on the Joints

Perhaps the biggest benefit of the best dog ramps on the market is the way they help to reduce joint problems, which tend to be painful for pets and expensive for a pet parent. Dog ramps are useful for all dogs, but the benefit is even greater for pets suffering from hereditary health problems as is common in many dog breeds.

5. Versatility

A dog ramp can be used elsewhere – not just to give pet access to your vehicle. Dog ramps are designed to offer portability, meaning they can be used to offer your pet access around your home as well. All you need to do is to carry a dog ramp to where it is needed – and set it up there.

6. Longevity

Dog ramps last your pet’s lifetime. Your dog will be able to use it as a puppy and you won’t have to replace it as it grows older. Using a dog ramp right from a young age ensures your pet won’t develop joint issues at any time in its life.

Final Take

There are many different brands of dog ramps. The common denominator between them – is that they are useful in helping your pet get access to areas that it wouldn’t be able to reach without one. If your valued family member seems to dread getting into your car, try acquiring one. It will make a huge difference, trust me!


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