Big smokers will get help to quit smoking


NOK 25 million will be spent on helping big smokers to quit smoking, the government has decided. The project starts in 2020 and runs over three years.

From autumn 2020, the smokers can receive guidance and free medicines for one month. Thereafter, the participants themselves must cover the remaining eight weeks of the drug course, according to the Ministry of Health and Care Services.

The participants will potentially save large sums on quitting smoke, and thus will have the finances to cover this expense, the ministry believes.

In 2020, NOK 5 million has been set aside. Subsequently, NOK 10 million will be allocated to the project for the following two years.

The government has been inspired by a similar project in Denmark from 2014 where around 47 per cent of the participants were stop smoking after six months.

Today there are about 520,000 people who smoke daily in Norway.

© NTB Scanpix / #Norway Today

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