Breast implants can lead to rare cancer

BHer.Photo: Stian Lysberg Solum / SCANPIX

A rare type of cancer has affected 615 patients due to silicone implants in the breasts. This cancer type has also appeared in this country.


The cancer has only occurred in patients with breast implants, Aftenposten writes. The figures are from the American Medical Association of Plastic Surgeons.

Since September 2017, twelve deaths around the world have been linked to this type of cancer.

In Norway, more than 100,000 women have breast implants, and also the country has the rare type of cancer.

“In Norway, there are possibly four patients who have developed cancer related to breast implants,” says Clinic Manager Kim Alexander Tønseth at the Clinic for Head, Throat and Reconstructive Surgery at Oslo University Hospital.

In France, more than 50 women have been affected by the same disease, and French plastic surgeons have warned against a specific type of implant. In Norway, several women have received that exact type of implant.

“Whether we should go completely stop using this product is a difficult decision. Currently, we know too little about why some women get effected with this type of cancer. But we will be the first to act should we need worry,” says Tønseth.


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