Increase in Norwegians diagnosed with multiple cancer types

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Increase in Norwegians diagnosed with multiple cancer types

The number of Norwegians diagnosed with several different cancer types has increased sharply in recent decades. 27,000 Norwegians experiences cancer two or more times, according to recent figures.

A total of 293 Norwegians had received two or more cancer diagnoses in one year 30 years ago, according to NRK.

In 2017, the figure was 1,146 – almost four times as high, figures from the Norwegian Cancer Register reveal.

One explanation for the marked increase is that Norwegians to a greater extent survive the first cancer diagnosis than before. In addition, Norwegians are getting older, and the risk of being affected increases with age, the Norwegian Cancer Register believes.

“The chance of surviving the first cancer is much higher now than it was 30-40 years ago. Thus, there are now more persons who can suffer cancer number two and three,” director of the Cancer Register, Giske Ursin states.

She emphasizes that being affected by cancer must be described as bad luck, but that one can take precautions to prevent additional cancer. Quitting smoking, being physically active, improving diet, and drinking less alcohol are highlighted as relevant measures to reduce the risk of recurrence.

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