Domestic work of children and youngsters divided along gender lines

bakingBaking.Photo: Jan Haas / NTB scanpix NB! MODELLKLARERT

Norwegian parents raise their children to follow traditional male and female roles, a new study shows.

Boys are overrepresented in shoveling and gardening. Girls, on the other hand, are overrepresented in the washing and folding of laundry, in addition to making dinner and doing the dishes afterwards, a new children’s and youth survey made by DNB shows.
– This means that we raise our children and youngsters to follow traditional gender roles, says consumer economist Nigel Sandmæl.
According to Statistics Norway (SSB)  boys between 16 and 24 years did 32 minutes of housework on average per day in 2010, while girls in the same age group did 47 minutes of housework per day.

Few get pocket money
33 percent of Norwegian children and teenagers receive  pocket money on a regular basis, while 48.6 per cent get it sometimes.  Consumer economist Silje Sandmæl thinks that more of them should get it on a regular basis.
– Spending money is a good way for kids to learn sensible spending. The pocket money that they get should be accompanied by a responsibility for both tasks and expenses,  Sandmæl says,adding that the proportion of children and youngsters who get  pocket money is higher among those who have  highly educated parents.
15.4 percent of the respondents receive both fixed pocket money and a “contribution” now and then. Only 2.7 percent do not get  any pocket money, the survey shows.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today