Coca-Cola launches Yule soda

Coca-Cola Yule SodaCoca-Cola enters the Christmas fray by launching the Yule soda «Julestemning». Photo: Coca Cola

Coca-Cola launches Yule soda

Coca-Cola enters into the Yule soda market, with a «julebrus» custom made for Norwegians

Coca-Cola has thousands of brands sold worldwide, many of which are international. It rarely happens that the company tailor-makes and develops products for Norwegian consumers only. But that is exactly what happens when the soft drink giant enters the Norwegian Christmas market with «Julestemning» (Christmas mood/Spirit of Christmas).

– Coca-Cola is too many of the original Yule soda, but we want to offer the consumers a wider choice. «julebrus» has become an important pre-Christmas tradition for Norwegians, and now we thought it was high time to make our own variant of the unique Norwegian soda. In fact, Coca-Cola in Norway has never brought as many new products and flavours to the market as we do this year, says Country Manager for Coca-Cola Norway, Karen Huffman.

Brown or Red

There are many strong opinions about the Christmas brew in Norway, and loud discussions between cities and regions about colour and taste. Should it be red or brown? Should it taste raspberry or fruit champagne? It is this Christmas soda landscape that Coca-Cola has chosen as its starting point when launching its own variant – «Julestemning». Neither the taste nor the colour of the Yule soda by Coca-Cola is randomly chosen.

– When we were going to make a Norwegian Yule soda, we started by tasting our way through the most popular Christmas sparkling brews in Norway. based on that, we developed our very own variant of the brown Yule soda. It has a distinctive vanilla flavour that makes it stand out among all the other alternatives, Huffman lectures.

She can also reveal that the sparkling drink did very well in the taste tests that Coca-Cola performed when the product was developed.

The Yule soda, «Julestemning», Coming to select stores in the weeks to come, and will initially be available in 1.25-litre bottles, only – perfect for sharing.


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