Collaboration to reveal fake news

Hepsøe media fake newsMedia Adviser, Hepsøe. Photo: Mediatilsynet

Collaboration between Facebook, and Media Authority to reveal fake news

Is it possible to detect fake news? the Media Authority has entered into a partnership with Facebook and (Actually) to limit the spreading of fake news, and comes with ten tips on how to reveal fake news.


The Norwegian Media Authority (Medietilsynet) is working to help media users to be conscious and critical – on Saturday, August 19, Facebook rolls out advertisements together with VG, Dagbladet, Aftenposten and Amedia’s local newspapers. This campaign will help to equip Norwegians with the tools to disclose fake online news. The ads are a collaboration between Facebook, and the Media Authority in connection with the upcoming parliamentary elections.

Tops all news feeds to Norwegian Facebook accounts as of Monday

As of Monday, the tips will also be available on top of people’s news feed in the Facebook app, and people will be able to click into both and the Media Authority’s media awareness pages.

– That Facebook takes such an initiative in Norway, and in addition wants to involve the Media Authority and fact checkers, we view as very positive. We want to stimulate people to have a critical view of what they see, hear and consume of media messages, says adviser in the Media Authority, Tone Haugan-Hepsø.

– Our April survey shows that Facebook is the platform vere the most people experience fake news.

15 percent of Norwegians have at least on one occasion shared news that they suspected or even knew was fake.

More than half of the Norwegian population sees news they do not believe to be true every week or even daily

Works to create conscious and critical media users

– That is high numbers, and the Media Authority is now actively working to provide people with adequate tools to distinguish between different types of media content, says media adviser Tone Haugan-Hepsø. We hope that these ten tips can help people to become more critical of what they read and share. Each of us has a responsibility to limit the spreading of fake news.


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