Consumer Council: Four out of five lip balms may be dangerous

Consumer Council: Four out of five lip balms can be dangerousConsumer Council director Randi Flesland.

Legally available lip balms contain chemicals that can cause hormone disorders, cancer and allergies, according to a new study.

The Consumer Council has tested 50 lip balms that are sold in stores such as Hennes & Mauritz, TGR, Nille and regular grocery stores. 80 percent of the products contain chemicals that can cause hormonal disturbances or cause allergies, NRK news  reported.

Half of the products contain parabens, which scientists suspect may disrupt the hormone system of children in particular. Nine of the most dangerous products according to the test are targeted at children.
– Norwegian consumers should be more aware and use their power as consumers to opt out of these products, and instead choose the ones that are safe,   Consumer Council director Randi Flesland says.
Hennes & Mauritz emphasise to NRK that they follow the  regulations of EU and Norway.
– The products have been approved as safe products for children,  PR Manager of H & M Norway  Vibeke Holann says.
Both Nille and TGR has chosen to withdraw the lip balms aimed at children.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today