Corona vaccine may be ready this autumn

In this Wednesday, April 8, 2020 photo provided by the Center for Pharmaceutical Research, a participant in a COVID-19 coronavirus vaccine trial receives an injection in Kansas City, Mo. This early safety study, called a Phase 1 trial, is using a vaccine candidate developed by Inovio Pharmaceuticals. (Center for Pharmaceutical Research via AP)

A coronavirus vaccine may be ready as early as September, report British researchers. They are 80 per cent sure the vaccine will work.

Human trials will start in the next two weeks, vaccine professor Sarah Gilbert at the University of Oxford told The Times.

“I’m 80 per cent sure the vaccine will work,” she says. The research team she leads is considered one of the world’s leaders in developing a vaccine against the coronavirus.

UK authorities have signaled that they will be willing to pay for the production of millions of vaccine doses if the result is promising.

When asked directly about whether the vaccine will be ready as early as September, Gilbert replies that this is the time frame they are working with.

“But there is no guarantee that it will work,” she adds.

The development of the vaccine depends on the fact that it can be tested where there is a relatively large spread of infection in the population, and that the spread takes place at a certain rate, so that a considerable amount of data can be obtained quickly and thus find out if the vaccine works.

However, many countries have taken drastic measures to prevent the spread of infection, which can make the job of developing the vaccine more difficult.

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