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Decision forum says yes to lung cancer medicine

Secretary General of the Cancer Society Anne Lise RyelSecretary General of the Cancer Society Anne Lise Ryel.Photo: Terje Pedersen / NTB scanpix


Decision forum (Beslutningsforum) has said yes to the lung cancer medicine, pembrolizumab, because the supplier has offered a new price.

The lung cancer treatment received a ‘yes’ during the meeting in the decision forum for new methods on Monday. This means that public hospitals can now offer a new treatment for lung cancer.

‘’We are pleased that lung cancer patients now have access to this drug as first line treatment’’ said leader, Stig A. Slørdahl, of Decision Forum.

Decision forum rejected the lung cancer medicine in February because they thought it was too expensive. The pharmaceutical company, MSD, offered a new price in March, and the case was therefore re-examined wrote Dagens Medisin journal.

‘’The cost of the treatment is still high, but the treatment is regarded as cost-effective when taking into account the absolute prognosis loss for the patient group covered by the method assessment that is carried out’’ the reason stated.

Relieved and happy

The Cancer Society is pleased that the promising cancer medicine will be able to be used in about half of all new lung cancer cases.

‘’It is a matter of course that cancer patients in Norway will have access to the same, promising medicine as our Scandinavian neighbours. The drug has shown very good effects both in clinical studies and in the “real world”. We are relieved and happy on behalf of all Norwegian cancer patients and their relatives. Finally, we have an alternative to traditional chemotherapy, not a day too early’’ said Secretary General, Anne Lise Ryel.

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