The payment service Vipps expels Resett

Vipps fraudVipps is the most common payment service in Norway. Photo: Vipps.

Norwegian payment service Vipps expels Resett

 Vipps terminates its customer relationship with the controversial website Resett. The payment service Vipps is originally made by DNB but is adopted by all major banks in Norway.

The online newspaper Resett writes this on their web pages.

Communication Manager of Vipps, Hanne Kjærnes, confirms this to NTB.

“We block Resett both for breaches of our terms and for abuse of our brand,” she informs.

Kjærnes further states that the terms are part of the agreement that you accept when you enter into an agreement with Vipps.

Resett has been blacklisted by several major advertisers recently. Additionally, it has been blocked from Google’s AdSense service.  Resett thus loses another major source of income today.



Contacted by a Twitter user regarding Resett

Resett discovered the eviction after several readers informed them that their Vipps number wasn’t functional. The website writes that Vipps informed that it is «so polarizing that Vipps wants to end the customer relationship».

Kjærnes rejects this representation of the matter.

“As far as I know, we have not contacted Resett in the matter at all,” she refutes.

A Twitter user asked Vipps, ahead of the eviction, if they were aware that readers of Resett could support the website financially via its service.

Resett now requests readers to donate in other ways, such as directly to its bank account, via SMS or by subscription.

Violation of AdSense rules

Google justifies its blacklisting of the disputed site with breaches of its AdSense service. Google states, among other things, that it is not allowed to encourage readers to click on ads from the IT giant.

 “We believe that we did not break the rules. The call has been for readers to shop at the advertisers, not just click on their ads,” Chief Editor of Resett, Helge Lurås, tells Kampanje.

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