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Boss sentenced to jail for abuse of power

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Boss sentenced to seven months for abuse of power

A man in his sixties is sentenced to seven months behind bars for exploiting his position of power. He is found guilty of challenging a 17-years-old employee to participate in a sexualised wager.

The much older boss promised a 17-years-old male employee that he would get NOK 1,000 if he managed to masturbate five times in one evening. The incident allegedly happened on a job trip.

”The man is now sentenced to prison for seven months for this wager,” writes NRK.

The judgment states that the court cannot see any elements of equality or a balanced relationship between the accused and the other party. He thus exploited his position of power in order to achieve sexual contact.



Masturbation and pornography

The boss, in his sixties, was charged with abuse of power on two different occasions. He was acquitted for one of the episodes, as it happened before the teenager had signed a contract of employment.

He was, however, found guilty of showing pornographic material to another youngster.

“My client is disappointed with the conviction. We will read the judgment carefully and consider a possible appeal,” the man’s defence lawyer, Hanne Wold Johansen, tells NRK.

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