Don’t bar-b-q before checking this!

Photo: Elkjøp

The hose for the gas grill/bar-b-q should preferably be replaced every other year, something many people are not aware of. Take the test and see if your pipe hits the mark.


‘’Gas barbecue’s should be both simple and safe, but we recommend checking against a checklist before starting the barbecue season. A broken pipe that is not be taken care of, if the gas leaks out,can increase the risk of fire,” said Arnstein Værdal, Sales Manager of Elkjøp Norway.

How to store the grill is impacted by how long the gas hose is. The optimum is to cover the grill if it is in direct sunshine, and easily exposed to wind and weather.

‘’If you have the barbecue standing on the terrace all year round, the hose will be affected for longevity, whereas if you take it off before winter and store it inside, it may last longer. What is important then is to be careful with the switching points and ensure that they are tight,” said Værdal.

Test with soapy water

When the gas hose is fresh, it has a date stamp that shows when it was manufactured. But the pipe may have been stored in the dark, and closed in a warehouse a year or two before it comes into sales (without compromising its quality).

‘’It’s important to check the date, but also take the bend test on the hose to ensure that the propane gas does not leak. If you see cracks, it should it be replaced,’’ said the sales manager.

To take the hose test, you need brush and a bottle of detergent. Mix two parts of dishwashing soap and one part water.
‘’Make a thick soapy water mixture as you lubricate the hose and both coupling points.Then open the gas supply to create pressure inside the hose. If it’s not very close, you’ll see bubbles,’’ said Værdal.

Detergent is also useful when switching to a new hose. A new hose can be pushed in place, but with two to three drops at the attachment point it becomes easier to push it into place before tightening the hose clamp.

Avoid burning fat

Propane gas should be treated with respect, it expands 250 times as it explodes.

“Many of the fires we hear of are fat fires. If you never clean the grill, up to half a kilo of fat can accumulate in the bottom of the grill. And this fat can burn whenit gets hot,” said Elkjøp’s Arnstein Værdal.

Should there be flames in the grill that are out of control, quickly turn off the gas supply. It may also be advisable to disconnect the gas tank and pull it away from the grill.


1) Check if the hose keeps to the target. Look at the date stamp. Take the bending test by lubricating the hose and fitting points with thick soapy water. Bubbles show a gas leakage.

2) Place the grill so that it is at least one meter away from combustible material on all sides.

3) Have the lid opened when you light it up.

4) The gas tank should not stand in the grill storage compartment during grilling, but outside.

5) Disconnect the gas tank when the grill is not in use.


Elkjøp / Norway Today