Drinking water can become more expensive

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Drinking water can become more expensive – especially in the districts

The water and sewage plants must be upgraded for NOK 280 billion, according to a report from Norsk Vann. This could mean a higher water charge, especially in the districts.


– We have estimated that the upgrading needs of water and sewage plants can mean an increase in water and drainage fees of four per cent annually, says director of the Norwegian Water Resources Association, Toril Hofshagen, to NTB. The normal price growth will come on top of that.

Painful growth in fees

The increase will vary from municipality to municipality, but the bill is regardless of the citizens who have to pay. Particularly hard, it can hit the districts. District municipalities typically have higher water and drainage fees than urban municipalities.

The reason is simply that there are more residents in towns and that there are more who share the water and drainage pipes. Almost 90 percent of the costs for water and drainage are linked to the pipeline network.

– In the municipalities where there are already high prices, the fee raise will be painful, Hofshagen says.

Can become more expensive

Sentio has conducted a survey on behalf of Norsk Vann, which shows that 68 per cent of the respondents were willing to pay more for the water and drainage service. Hofshagen is amazed at the high proportion.

She would prefer to focus on new technology to limit costs.

– It is important that the water industry succeed in collaborating on technology development and more efficient service production, to limit fee growth as much as possible, she says.

Today, more than 30 percent of the water being cleansed in the waterworks is lost due to leaks. More and more maintenance of the water and drainage networks is required every year.

– The upgrade must start now. If not, the price tag will be even higher, Hofshagen says.


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