Dull and gray weather expected all over Norway in days ahead

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Another week of cloudy and gray weather is expected all over Norway. Even meteorologists find it sad.

“We have no active danger warnings,” meteorologist Martin Granerød noted.

He says that everyone agreed that the weather would be boring this week during the meteorologists’ morning meeting on Wednesday.

The first ten days of November have been very mild, and the next ten days seem to continue with temperate weather.

“At this time of year, it often means a lot of clouds and periods of rain,” Granerød added.

Mild weather

There will be mild weather Østafjells (east of the Langfjellene mountain range) in the next few days, with temperatures of 7-10 degrees during the day. 

On Sunday, temperatures can get up to 13 degrees. There will be gray weather and a little rain at times.

“The mild weather will continue beyond next week… It will be mostly cloudy up to Sunday”, the meteorologist said.

In Western Norway, it will also be relatively gray, with a little rain up to Sunday. 

Similar weather will continue next week, but with more rain.

The meteorologist described the weather as “autumnal and cloudy.” 

Better weather

In Central Norway, the weather will be better than in the wester and eastern mountains.

It will be a little less cloudy, and there could be some sunshine on Saturday and at the beginning of next week. 

Relatively mild weather is expected, with temperatures of 8-10 degrees. This applies to the area Møre og Romsdal, Trøndelag, and Nordland.

“Troms and Finnmark will not get as much precipitation either. It will be cloudy or partly cloudy, and periods of sunshine may appear during the hours when the sun is up,” Granerød said.

Skiing weather still seems to be far away. These days you have to go up to 1200-1300 meters to get to minus degrees.

“That means that there is no snow left in low-lying cabin areas, which are typically at 800-900 meters. It is quite wet with clouds and fog,” the meteorologist concluded. 

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