E-cigarettes probably allowed in 2019

E-cigarettes E-cigaretteE-cigarettes gain in popularity despite the Norwegian ban. Photo: Pixabay.com

E-cigarettes probably allowed in Norway next year

In the course of next year, the Norwegian ban on e-cigarettes may disappear like smoke when the EU tobacco directive becomes part of the EEA agreement.


Today, electronic nicotine-containing cigarettes are disallowed in Norway, but it is likely to change in the coming year, the Norwegian Ministry of Health confirms to E24. The change is thus made when the EU tobacco directive also applies to Norway.

– A separate registration system for e-cigarettes will then be introduced. The process is ongoing and the Ministry expects that EEA incorporation will take place in 2019, the Ministry writes in an email to the newspaper.

In the United States, electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes), which can be added with fruit flavour, have become very popular, not least among young people.

– These recent figures show that the US is facing an epidemic of youth use of e-cigarettes, which threatens to create another generation of nicotine addicts, US Minister of Health, Alex Azar warns.

US Authorities fear the health effects of early nicotine addiction.

Nicotine can damage a developing brain and expose young people to chemicals that can have negative health effects. At the same time, the risk of transition to traditional cigarettes may increase, the US Food Safety Authority states.


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