Eight Toll Roads Projects added in 2019

Toll Roads Jon Georg Dale Road TollsMinister of Transport Jon Georg Dale (Progress Party), can proudly title himself the Czar of Toll Roads. .Photo: Marit Hommedal / NTB scanpix / government.no

Eight Toll Roads Projects added in 2019

Do you think the pain threshold has been reached? – Think again! Eight more Toll Roads (aka Milk Cow”) Projects will be introduced across Norway during 2019, in addition to 54 Toll Stations popping up like toadstools around Oslo. 2019 will be the mother of all toll years, NAF fumes.


“2018 was an expensive toll year for motorists and 2019 is by no means going to be any better, on the contrary, Communications Manager in NAF,” Camilla Ryste, tells P4.

In the Nether Glomma region, tolls are introduced as part of the so-called Urban Environment Packages and, additionally, there are added many Toll Stations in Oslo and Bergen. There will also be tolls to pay on the E18 between Tvedestrand and Arendal, E6 between Kolomoen and Moelv, E134 in Buskerud, Ryfast in Rogaland, County Road 17 in Steinkjer. Tolls will also be garnished on the E18 between Rugtvedt and Dørdal in Telemark in 2019/2020.

“The politicians adopt many huge public transport and road projects, but they do not prioritise funds to foot the entire bill – but rather send it onwards to those who are dependent on a private vehicle in their daily lives, ” Ryste fumes.

Minister of Toll Roads

Minister for Transport, Jon Georg Dale (Progress Party), understand that people are frustrated, but points to that the state is now spending more money on financing more roads and the share made up by tolls have declined. Whichever way you butter it, motorists still have to pay even more in tolls this year.

“We will build much more road and that means that there will be some more toll to pay in the affected places across Norway, but the bottom line is that it means a better standard on our road network,” Dale concludes.

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