Electric Cars Save NOK 20k

Electric cars, Charging PointElectric car charging. Photo: pixabay.com

Electric Cars Save households NOK 20k

The Norwegian Electric Vehicle Association has released its 2018 survey of Norway’s electric vehicle owners and finds that a household converting from two fossil-fueled vehicles to 2 electric cars can save NOK 20,000 a year.


Those who travel great distances would see even greater fuel savings. When determining savings, the survey approximated that the average Norwegian car saw about 12,000 kilometres driven yearly.


Christina Bu, Director of the Norwegian Electric Vehicle Association gave comment upon the findings of the association’s latest survey, saying “The findings assume a 2-car household, but the same ratio of savings over a fossil-fueled car may be applied to ownership of a single electric car.”

“Our survey indicates that about 1 in 3 households with electric vehicles only have a single electric vehicle. In practice, the cost of providing electricity for recharge an electric car represents 1/5th of the cost of maintaining and operating a fossil-fuel vehicle only.”


“The survey has approximately a third of 5,000 respondents claiming to be saving about 2,000 to 3,000 kroner monthly, but fast-charging an electric vehicle typically costs 3-5 times more than charging a vehicle with home electricity.”

“In other words, when calculating fossil-fuel savings, fast-charging electric cars raises the price of operating an electric, but the survey reveals that most people recharge their electric vehicles at home, and that keeps fuel costs down,” says Director Bu.


The Norwegian Parliament has set 2025 as the goal for all new cars to have zero emissions. Norwegian’s who purchase electric vehicles escape heavy import or purchase taxes and are exempt from 25% VAT fees.

Norwegian electric car owners also avoid paying road tax, road tolls, pay half-price on ferries, get free municipal parking in cities and can usually drive within bus-only travel lanes.

The Norwegian Electric Vehicle Association is a non-profit organization representing the majority of electric car owners within Norway.


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