Equal cost for new and used cabin

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Equal cost for new and used cabin

Cost pressure in the construction industry and a large surplus of land makes it equally economically attractive to build a cottage itself as buying used, according to the forecast center.


– There are completely equal alternatives. This is an amazing situation, says Bjørn-Erik Øye at the Prognosis Center.

– The price of the a standard cabin is NOK 1.7 million. But in these statistics, low-standard cabins are included. By comparison, you can build a good cabin for around 2.5 million kroner, as long as you do not buy land in the middle of the slalom slope at Hafjell, he says.

In 2016 8,000 new cabins were being built, it is a record number and one of the reasons for the equalization of the prices.

– There is a huge offer on land in Norway, and prices are moderate. The municipalities are also more positive and the decision times have become shorter. It seems that they more easily approve cottage areas than residential areas, he says.

Øye, however, suspects that the cost pressure in the construction industry may be changing, and that the land prices are on the rise. But if you want to build yourself, Øye has a clear recommendation for the square meter price:

– About 31,000 kroner including land, but I know they are able to build for a lower price as well. The People cabin sells at between NOK 2.5 and 3 million and is at 90 square meters, he says.


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