EU Water Directive to be evaluated

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EU Water Directive to be evaluated after 20 years

The EU Water Directive must be evaluated 20 years after its implementation. For this reason, the Norwegian Environment Agency invites to an input conference at its premises in Oslo.

The purpose of the evaluation is to see if the directive still ensures protection and sustainable use of the water. At the conference on Wednesday, January 16th, the participants receive information about the hearing and important interests present their input, the Agency informs.

Authorities, industries, businesses, organisations, stakeholders and citizens throughout Europe can provide input to the ongoing European consultation until March 4th.

The purpose of the input conference is to inform about the evaluation of the water directive, to encourage consultation input and that organised interests have the opportunity to present their views.

During the first part of the conference, they will be presented with a background and information about the hearing and associated supporting documents and ongoing reports. The regional water administration also presents its experiences.

In the second part of the conference, organisations in the national reference group will tell what they believe works and what they see as the challenges with the EU Water Directive.

Part of the EEA Agreement

The EU Water Directive is part of the EEA Agreement. It was implemented in Norwegian legislation through the Water Regulations, which came into force in 2007. The regulations provide for a comprehensive, coordinated and knowledge-based water management in Norway.

According to the Norwegian Ministry of Climate and Environment (Klima- og miljødepartementet), regional water management plans shall be prepared with associated action programs in all of Norway’s water regions every six years. The plans will be implemented so that measures are initiated after three years, and environmental targets have been reached after six years.

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