Summer of 2022: Raging war in Europe, rampant inflation, passport delays, and airline troubles

Photo: Ole Berg-Rusten / NTB

This was supposed to be a glorious summer. As Norway finally cast off two years of societal lockdowns, border closures, mask-wearing, and travel restrictions, this was supposed to be a summer to savor. Instead, with the Russian invasion of Ukraine impacting all parts of daily life from the cost of bread to the electricity bill coupled with airline union trouble sparking flight cancellations this may turn into a summer of discontent.

A bitter winter for Europe, especially Ukraine

When Russian President Vladimir Putin sent his army across the border into Ukraine, a series of events has set off – some yet to be realized – that has changed the lives of many worldwide, especially in Norway. Russia’s illegal and aggressive invasion of a sovereign neighbor has seen the emergence of the specter of war in Europe, unseen since the wars resulting from the breakup of Yugoslavia in the early to mid-1990s. All of a sudden, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) – that military alliance which binds many European and the Western Hemisphere countries together is no longer, as former (and still wannabe) President Trump once labeled it, “obsolete”.

Russia’s invasion has seen military preparedness and defense suddenly become the focus of many European governments. Germany has ditched its historical decades-long aversion to military spending and will spend over EUR 100 billion in a special fund to modernize the country’s armed forces. Norway too has boosted defense spending and solidified further its NATO commitments.

To add to this heightened state of insecurity, millions of Ukrainians have flooded westward, escaping the brutal and savage barbarity of war and invasion. In this country, thousands of refugees have been met with open arms but however hospitable Norway is, it is a poor substitute for the homes they left behind.

Suffering from some post-COVID blues

It was not supposed to be like this. After suffering through more than two years of COVID-enforced lockdowns, border closers, and societal restrictions, Norway had – earlier this year – finally resumed “normalcy.” As the country shed away the last of its restrictions, many turned their focus to the warmer months. All was going well – unemployment was at a record low and travel agencies could not keep up with the demand for bookings over the summer. This summer was supposed to be one where the country breathed a huge sigh of relief: we had made it through the worst of the COVID pandemic and emerged battered and bruised, mourning many who we had lost but we survived nonetheless.

Yet Vladimir Putin’s decision to invade Ukraine destroyed any sense of post-COVID optimism. Russia’s invasion completely changed the paradigm worldwide, not least in Europe. All of a sudden, many European governments, including this country’s, shifted their focus from a post-COVID recovery to splurging on military spending and defense.

A reception center housing Ukrainian refugees. Photo: Javad Parsa / NTB

War abroad means inflation at home

Little did any of us know, really, when Russia invaded Ukraine what impact it would have on the cost of living. In somewhat of a #firstworldproblem compared to what many Ukrainians are facing, prices of everything – from food to electricity – has skyrocketed over the past 6 months. Ukraine, one of the world’s major (literal and metaphorical) breadbaskets, has seen most of its ports blocked by the Russian Navy thus unable to export foodstuffs and commodities worldwide.

Adding to this rise in inflation is the fact that Norway, despite being a net energy exporter, now has some of the highest electricity prices in Europe. Though this started before the Russian invasion of Ukraine, with the government dolling out billions of kroner in energy subsidies, this increase in energy prices has also added to the rising cost of seemingly everything. Rising petrol and gas prices have added to this inflation meaning that the Consumer Price Index has risen 5.7% for the period May 2021 – May 2022. This is the highest increase in the inflation rate in more than a generation, since 1988!

The new Norwegian passports. Photo: Heiko Junge / NTB

Turbulent times with airline strikes, passport delays, and flight cancellations

Many in this country were, it is safe to say, looking forward to being able to travel and holiday freely again in warmer climes this summer. Despite the fact that many tourism operators have seen a surge recently in bookings, a new survey showed that 2 out of 3 Norwegians will not travel overseas for a holiday this summer. Respondents felt that holidaying at home was best due to the lingering effects of the COVID pandemic, inflation and the war in Ukraine meant that another #norgesferie was best for this summer. This may mean a well-needed cash influx for the domestic tourism industry in crisis which has been devastated by two years of pandemic-related restrictions and losses.

For those who are brave enough to holiday abroad, many have found that they can’t because they are waiting for a new passport. Thale, the manufacturer of Norwegian passports, simply cannot keep up with demand meaning a shortage in production of over 90.000 passports from this April to June. This ‘passport crisis’ has seen many Norwegians who ordered new or replacement passports left stranded at home unable to take a well-deserved holiday abroad. This has led politicians to call for an investigation into the tender process that awarded Thales the right to produce passports. This company was, in fact, regarded as the worst option for the production of passports in 2016 yet was awarded a billion kroner contract in 2019.

And even for those lucky ones that have a passport, negotiations between NHO Luftart and the Norwegian Aircraft Technician Organization (NHO) over salary and working conditions have failed, leading to a strike of aircraft maintenance engineers. Entering its second week, this strike has meant the cancellation of dozens of flights from Norwegian, SAS, and Widerøe with no end in sight.

Summer prospects

Yet it is not all doom and gloom here in Norway. All of these troubles pale in significance to the hardships and tribulations that many recently arrived Ukrainians, not to mention Afghans, Syrians, and many other refugees, have endured.

The economy is, despite inflation, ticking along nicely and employment is now at its lowest level since 2008. Compared to many other countries in the region and further abroad, Norway’s post-pandemic recovery is remarkable.

So perhaps many in this country won’t be able to enjoy a summer holiday abroad. This, however, means another summer to explore beautiful Norway and pump some much-needed cash into the coffers of local hospitality and tourism businesses.

Despite all the bad news, just remember that things could be a lot worse. Some perspective is needed. Summer may be different to many before – we are all just to that by now anyway – but it is certainly not ruined.

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About the author:

Jonathan is a lover of the written word. He believes the best way to combat this polarization of news and politics, in our time, is by having a balanced view. Both sides of the story are equally important. He also enjoys traveling and live music.

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2 Comments on "Summer of 2022: Raging war in Europe, rampant inflation, passport delays, and airline troubles"

  1. Jonathan is entirely correct that the Ukraine War is the primary cause of the (for whatever reason unexpected) devastation of the West’s – and world’s – economy, let alone food supply.
    However, he only parrots the West’s false “Putin’s war” propaganda. Significant others disagree with that:
    Henry Kissinger shocked everyone – and got himself on Kyiv’s “enemies list” – telling the Davos economic conference that Ukraine should be willing to concede territory to end the war.
    It was finally revealed that in his May interview Pope Francis said the Russians were indeed provoked and the war could have been prevented … the only/obvious conclusion being by the West.
    And on D-Day, June 6, also famous University of Chicago historian and (like Henry) realist diplomatic thinker John Mearsheimer gave a talk (now on YouTube) at the European University Institute in Italy, “The causes and consequences of the Ukraine war,” rationally pointing the finger of guilt directly at the West and directly refuting the questioning academic critics present during questions and answers.

    Jonathan is also correct that Western Europe – even Peace Prize Norway – is “splurging on military spending and defense” to feed the war instead of pushing for peace.

    By contrast, the rest of the world – Asia, Central and South America, and now Africa – are making it plain they want no part of “the West’s war” or the neo-colonialism from re-creating the divided Cold War West vs. East world the West wants, as confirmed by Joe Biden’s trademark indiscretion/gaffe about us disinterring/resurrecting The “New” World Order.

    Meanwhile, the danger of *our* Ukraine War continues to escalate toward our oblivion. British Independent is running the article “Vladimir Putin ally warns London ‘will be bombed first’ if World War 3 breaks out: ‘It’s crystal clear that the threat to the world comes from the Anglo-Saxons,’ Andrey Gurulyov said”
    My comment beneath – then censored of course, it being far easier to censor truth than incoming missiles:

    The English have tried the hardest to be in the Russians’ faces, and have now obviously succeeded.
    And BoJo’s [Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s] fanatically uncompromising warmongering against the fair peace and security treaty we owe the Russians is making The Unthinkable inevitable … for you, anyway.
    If we think it can’t happen, it can; and if we think it won’t happen, it will. (See my column on Yahoo!)
    The Russians have civil defense and the space (and dachas) to evacuate/disperse into. You English don’t.
    Forget “selling protection” (and weapons) anymore. You can’t protect *yourselves*.

    And while we’re absolutely wasting all this time and treasure on our Neanderthal neocon nuclear Russian Roulette confrontation policy, Earth’s boiling (and England’s submergence) continues to accelerate unabated, with the international unity necessary to stop that WRECKED.
    GREAT job, cousins.
    Bored-with-peace, war-rabid lemmings.

    BlackArrow* aka Lou Coatney

    This was immediately blocked/erased, by Independent if not Ministry of Defence censors, of course – it being far easier to censor truth than incoming missiles.

    *Robert Louis Stevenson’s short novel – my comments being shafts of truth

  2. I have discovered that John Mearsheimer’s June 6 D-Day lecture has been printed – apparently in its entirety – in the June 23 issue (online) of The National Interest.
    On May 24, I had sent him and Stephen Walt – on May 13, they had debated Obama era ambassador to Russia Michael McFaul (who very arrogantly and defamatorily crowed that diplomats lie as part of their profession, directly contrary to former SecState George Shultz’s 11Dec20 WaPo column about the vital need for trust) and former Polish foreign minister Sikorski – a copy of my white paper backgrounding the 9 motives I see for Biden&Blinken and other Western neocons wanting and getting the Ukraine War.
    Here is a brief list of them, edited:

    1. To return the world to an economically and politically (and militarily) segregated bipolar Cold War state, to safeguard Western economic and political hegemony. The old New World Order agenda which Joe actually gaffed he wants disinterred!
    But Asia, Central and South America, and now Africa just see this as resurrected Western neo-colonialism.
    2. To pursue the World War 2 strategy of knocking off the European opponent before the Asian opponent, to regain for the U.S. and West strategic military hegemony.
    3. To have a major war to finally get that Democrat war powers dictatorship Joe Biden, John McCain, and Joe Lieberman tried to get in 1999 just using our Kosovo war as the pretext, and the Washington Post has already eagerly hailed Joe Biden to be a “wartime president.”
    4. Consistent with the Democrat line that Trump and the Republicans were and are pro-Russian to the point of treasonous, to politically polarize Americans into “pro-war patriots” vs. “anti-war traitors” – the latter like myself being rational, realist dissidents opposing the holocaust their pro-superpower-war policy is propelling us into.
    5. To have a neocon “major war” to spur the economy. [22]
    6. To “re-unite” the Country with – what else? – a war, except there won’t be anything left of it/us to re-unite.
    7. Regime change, as Joe himself recently indiscreetly confirmed, hoping that the Russian people will rebel politically, especially if the war appears to be going badly as it appears it is. Except Russia has now declared martial law.
    8. To deflect public attention away from charges that Joe and Hunter Biden were themselves involved in corrupt Ukraine machinations.
    9. To deflect public attention away from the Ukraine government’s illegitimacy – being a coup government – and its neo-Nazi backers.

    And Joe Biden was actually talking up the war happening – “Prepare for impact!” – to Volodymyr Zelensky’s great nervousness. The Ukrainian people are in his quagmire too.
    But even more indictingly, in his 26May22 Wash. Post column David Ignatius glowingly (and indiscreetly) describes Biden et al “secretly planning” the war.
    And now we have the bombshell report that in his May 2022 interview Pope Francis did not just quote concern about NATO barking at Russia’s door, he stated
    “We do not see the whole drama unfolding behind this war, which was, perhaps, somehow either provoked or not prevented.” [23]

    With our 8Nov22 midterm election, the American People are going to administer due political justice to Joe Biden and the Democrats for causing the Ukraine War … and all its grievous human and economic consequences.

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